Friday 12 June 2015
By Mr. GC
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I am looking to pay the right women for a few creative nude projects. This is nothing in adult film or pornography area. My areas of focus are:

- Tasteful Erotic Nude
- Artistic Nude

You have the option of wearing a mask. I have many in my collection as well as you can travel with your own. Note, those who decide on wearing a mask will be compensated differently.

This is budget project with a hourly payment ranging between $25-$75. That is 25 to 75 an hour. Travel expense is on you unless your work speaks wonders (prior experience).


- Hair and Make Up ready
- Experience in this area of work or New with the ability to produce work accordingly.
- If experienced, please attach your portfolio to the email provided with other images needed. If your portfolio is outdated, please attach current images of yourself
- If inexperienced, please attach current and sufficient images of yourself.
- When emailing, include, your full name, age, and location of travel.

The selection process will be a fast one. When selected, you will receive all the information required for a confirmation.

Guest can travel with you but will not be allowed in studio while project is being executed. We are all adults here.



Location: GCPhotographers Studio in Havelock, NC

Friday 05 June 2015
By Mr GC
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If you desire to carry an escort to your photo shoot (usually a good idea if you are working with a new or unknown photographer), this is something you should discuss beforehand.

Please be aware that most beginning, aspiring and even advanced models have issues being comfortable, confident, and ready posing for photographers in front of their boyfriends, friends and relatives. Even if you do bring an escort, such as a friend or family member, you may not want them to be watching you during your shoot. This is something you should discuss with them beforehand — such as options. Also, no surprises. The proper protective procedures must be in place for guest especially known guests. They will have to give their information beforehand for proper screening. Any unexpected guests will be ask to stay outside the studio area for the safety and security of what is in the studio.

If you’re under 18, you must bring one of your parents, or an older female model or family member or friend with you, to act as a guardian. Your parent or guardian must sign a model release form for you. They will also show their ID for verification purposes.

If you are just starting out, I suggest that after an introductory period and you and your escort are both confident that the photographer is reputable and isn’t creepy, that the escort leave (or at least monitor the shoot from a distance) for a period of time to allow the model to feel less self-conscious while getting used to shooting. It has been proven over the many decades that a person will perform better without any distractions of any type.

When working with any photographer for the first time, I’d suggest making a point of always having your cell phone handy, and to check in with someone you know at least once during a shoot to let them know you’re ok. Also make sure that someone you know knows where you will be and that they should expect to hear from you at a certain time. They should also have the number (and address, if possible) of the photographer you are working with. Again, this is just for general safety.

One photographers case: This weekend my studio had quite a number of people which brought up a good question as to how many people should a model invite?  The photoshoot only had 2 models but imagine what if I had 5 models and each brought 2 to 3 each?

First there's myself, my MUA, my wardrobe stylist and also hair stylist. 
When the first model arrived, she came with her mother but then the 2nd model arrived, she brought 3 of her girlfriends because she need a ride and her friends came along.  Luckily even with all the people we still had fun and managed to get the shoot done.

I do have a waiting and makeup area but still the shoot was briefly interrupted from time to time because people are naturally curious and the girls even ran into my set jumping around taking photos with their camera of each other.  Too bad my assistant was not there otherwise she would had told them where to park (probably outdoor).

Case One conclusion: If there are other professionals on set, there should be no escorts. No friends or spectators are needed. If they want to see your work, they can check out your website and/or social networks. If they want to see how you work, they can watch your youtube videos or ask for a recorded session of their friend. If that model is uncomfortable without their friends, that model does not need your business.


Another case: I have a small studio but from my work many would never know that I have a small studio unless they inquire about working with me. I let the model know I have a small space and can have a max of 2 escorts but one would have to wait outside. It's shooting day, the model arrives with 6 people. None were of any profession but all were claiming to be a model. I have no room to entertain that many people. I took the model aside and told her we can't have all those people in my space and she replied, they are my support and I need them here. I looked at the studio and looked and her. She is new and it is a free shoot. I am not making any money.

Case Two conclusion: Shoot was canceled and told everyone to leave. I am a professional but an entertainer. They could have been potential clients but the approach was unprofessional for a new model. If they are models, they must or might have been younger or not a seasoned model. Professionals know what is a go or no go.


These are just minor examples of other phtoographers situations.


Personally, I do not allow escorts to a photo shoot.  I have found that escorts, whether mothers, boyfriends, husbands, friends, rides, etc., are a distraction and make the models feel uncomfortable. Some might thing otherwise but some might be confusing a professional photo shoot to other events and occassions.

However, there is one type of photo shoots I allow escorts to be present: Photo Shoots involving Minors. I do not do any photo shoots with minors unless a PARENT or GUARDIAN is present. The PARENT OR GUARDIAN needs to sign the Model Release Form with ID. Friends, best friends, neighbors, people who drive you to the shoot, etc will not be considered a substitute. A PARENT or GUARDIAN need to be present at the photo shoot.

If this is the first time you work with me I would strongly suggest you contact any or as many of the models I have worked with and ask them about my professionalism and work ethics.

Sunday 01 March 2015
By Mr. GC
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Part two coming this summer.

Saturday 28 February 2015
By Mr. GC
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Chelsea Wallace, Model and Health Professional was selected Model of the Month for February. We have interviewed Chelsea. Here is what she shared:

  • How was your experience working with GC would you work with him again?

It has been a rewarding experience. GC combines professionalism and patience to produce great results. After my first shoot I was given helpful documents regarding preparing for shoots and other resources that were very beneficial. I'd definitely work with GC again.

  • What is your background in modeling?

I joined Icon Modeling Troupe at ECU back in 2012. This organization taught me how to walk and perform in front of large crowds. I've walked in many fashion shows at different universities in North Carolina. My first photo shoot was in Washington D.C with photographer James Wilson. The results were great. That experience showed me that I have the talent to make modeling a career.

  • How do I describe my style? 

My style is very chic but also classic and urban. I prefer heels over sneakers, specifically 3 inches or higher. My favorite outfit is vintage button ups with high waisted denim shorts. My style is diverse, as I need to fashionably reflect trendiness in different styles. 

  • What is fun and rewarding about modeling?

Seeing the results of accomplishing different looks and concepts. Bringing visions in my head to life. Sometimes not even having a clear vision and still producing beautiful images. I'm currently developing more themed concepts. Modeling gives one the ability to look and feel their absolute best and document that energy. 

  • How do I prepare for a photo shoot?

Prior to any shoot I already have all of my clothes, props and accessories so the main thing when preparing for a shoot is practicing and working out. It's important that I know exactly what I'm doing prior to a shoot so that I don't run out of poses and kill the energy. I drink LOTS of water and avoid junk food. I also create a playlist that fits the mood of the shoot that I'm preparing for. 

  • Do you do your own makeup and hair?

Yes..I've started out doing my own hair and makeup. Going forward I'll be working with a professional makeup artist. 

  • Tell us about yourself. Why do you want to work as a model? Why are you interested in this career?

Modeling has a certain level of confidence that it produces. 9 out of 10 females want to be a model. I'm just fulfilling one of my purposed in life. I love the art behind conceptual photo shoots and I love being in front of the camera! Getting paid is just a plus. 

  • What are your professional interests?

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Public Health. My professional interests are to be a licensed health educator and grant writer. I'm currently a program planner. I'll soon be obtaining a Master's Degree in Public Health as well. Modeling is my biggest motivation for working out. I go harder when I focus on the results that I am achieving. 

  • Where do you shop?

ALOT of places. I buy my jeans from Alloy and H&M. My favorite places to shop are Forever 21, Asos and River Island. I use Amazon and Ali Epxress to get discounted rates for photo shoot attire and accessories. 

  • How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?

Very recently modeling has caused me to focus on creating for myself and not for validation. There will always be people who don't like my work so it's pointless to work for the "likes" or satisfaction of others. Modeling has also caused me to connect with other people in the modeling industry. I've met new associates and I'm busier now than I was prior to modeling. 

  • What makes a good model?

A good model successfully portrays their best features and is always aware of their body movements. 

  • Who are your favorite models?

Joan Smalls, Sigail Currie, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Selita E Banks, Jourdan Dunn, Ciara, Katie Hearnfit, Riley Montana, Jessica White

  • Which fashion magazines, websites, blogs and catalogs do you visit most often?

Magazines I read most often are W magazine, Vogue and Essence. Blogs are BeautifulBrownGurl on Tumblr and Micah Gianelli's blog. Websites include and

  • What is your nutrition? How often do you workout?

I eat a light breakfast and 2 meals a day. I have a balanced diet with no junk food. I currently workout 6 days a week.

  •  5 facts that people may not know.

I survived 2 near death experiences in the same day.  

I love smooth jazz music.

I hate fast food.

I practice Acro Yoga. 

I enjoy community service with youth and the elderly. 

I love Travis Porter.

Tuesday 24 February 2015
By Mr. GC
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Becky Austin, Fitness Model, Teacher, Motivator, and Mom was selected Model of the Month for January. We have interviewed Becky. Here is what she shared:


  •  How was your experience working with GCPhotographers? Would you work with him again?

My experience working with GC Photographers was amazing. Chris was very organized and prepared for the shoot. Throughout the process he was professional and gave productive feedback. We already have future plans of working together in the future on some upcoming projects!

  •  What projects did you work on with GCPhotographers?

Our first shoot together we combined fashion and fitness to include both our interests. Swimwear, fitness clothes, and heels were all part of the magic. We even tried a new concept with a football theme

  • How would you describe your professional interests?

My professional interests lie in the fitness world. I hope to inspire women, men, and children to live a healthy active lifestyle. I want to lead by example and show that through fitness modeling along with everyday life choices.

  • What’s your background in modeling? When and why did you get started? Was it for the glamour? The money? Pure kicks?

I first started modeling 2 years ago. I paid for my first shoot because I wanted to document how far I had come in my fitness journey. From there I had quite a few people asking me for advice on nutrition and exercise. I also had photographers seek me out from the photos I had posted on social media. The more shoots I did the more I enjoyed doing them and the more people I was able to reach out to. An upcoming shoot can give me motivation but also is something I can keep forever to document my journey.

  • Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?

Ashley Horner is an international fitness model who has helped me through my fitness journey. She is so down to earth yet such a badass. She has taught me about finding beauty in my strength and accepting who I am without being defined by a number on a scale. I also love other fitness models such as Michele Lewin and Paige Hathaway. These women are all extremely strong, but very feminine and beautiful.

My favorite designers fall into the fitness line of clothing. La Bella Mafia and Better Bodies are two of my favorites. Nike will always be top for me though J

  •  What other modeling projects have you done? Could you provide links?

I have shot with other photographers such as Sarah Marshall Photography in Panama City Beach, FL, LHGFX in Miami, Fl, and some local photographers such as Mirage images here in Eastern NC. You can view the photos on my Facebook Page or on my Model Mayhem Portfolio

Lastly, I’m excited to announce that I am modeling for Hang Rite athletics.

  • How do you prepare for a modeling shoot?

I am always active and eat healthy majority of the time. However, when it comes time for a shoot I will kick this up a notch anywhere from a month in advance to a week in advance depending on how much notice is given for the shoot. I really like to stay photo shoot ready so it’s a matter of dialing in to make small changes prior to shooting. I also make sure I get enough sleep and drink a gallon of water each day. Lastly, I do the fun stuff- getting my nails done, spray tanning, hair touch ups, and find a great makeup artist.

  •  Do you do your own hair and make-up?

I am terrible at being a girl sometimes! I can manage to do my own hair most of the time, unless we have a unique hairstyle planned. Make-up however, I need all the help I can get. I do not wear any make up on a day to day basis so I don’t have much practice putting it on JTherefore,I always have a make-up artist booked in advanced.

  • What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progress in this field?

I hope to make it in “the big leagues” and be able to model on a large scale like Ashley Horner, Michelle Lewin, and Paige Hathaway. I want to touch and inspire as many lives as possible and hope to be a light for those struggling to find themselves. I believe health and fitness can help anyone who is willing to give it a fair shot. I know how much it has helped me better my life and I only hope that I can pay it forward.

  • Give us 5 facts about you people may not know.

1.  I have a tattoo- I used to be against them until I found something very meaningful to me. Whenever I see it, it is a reminder to me. Also, only a few people know what my tattoo actually says/means.

2.  I am very Pro 2nd amendment. I grew up in the country and my family survived off of venison and turkey. Although I hated it back then, I now appreciate the tradition and benefits of eating what you hunt. Lastly, I feel a change coming with the government about the ownership of guns. We were built by freedom and it should remain the same way. We should be able to own any firearm we like without stipulations set forth by our leaders.

3. Although I am very social, I am actually very shy at times. Starting off in front of a camera was a crazy, nerve wracking experience that took time to get accustomed to.

4.  I am a mom of 2 healthy happy boys and have been married to my high school sweetheart for 11 years.

5. Although I have been an athlete my whole life, I have only been into fitness for the past couple years.