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Wednesday 24 December 2014
By Mr. GC
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The above video is the behind the scenes with one of the makeup artist from the two day black light project. Makeup artist Sharyn Phillips ( & instagram: simply_shayshay) and model Kaitlyne Perrelll executed a successful project. Below you will see some of the results from results.


Also in this project was models Jessica Aiken-Lark, Meme Simmons, Stormy Long, LeVanTaY, LaCourtney Finklea and Melvin Johnson. Below you can view some of the results from their shoot.


Overall, this was a great experience for everyone and it will not be the last. The project will take place again in Summer 2015. Sign up ASAP.

Thursday 18 December 2014
By Mr. GC
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Thursday 27 November 2014
By Mr. GC
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A lot (money, time, and practice) goes into making this project perfect. The test shoot was a successful. Everyone involved learned everything that is needed to make this project perfect for the December grand finale. Below are sample videos of the hard work that went into the troubleshooting with the 4 plus hours of making everything work.


GC Prep Stage 1:


GC Prep Stage 2:


Test Shoot Shoot Day Prep:

Sample 1:

Sample 2:


On Set Results Prep:

First Sample:


Second Sample:


Final Sample: