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Monday 15 December 2014
By Mr. GC
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As it states, GCPhotographers will be hosting a Splash Paint Project. I would like to refer to it as discipline in the art of incorporating different color paint (washable).

Entrance fee: $75 for experienced models or professionals (not models). $150 for aspiring models and professionals

This project will take place in the March or April 2015 time frame.

Location will be announced as the time draws closer.

Definite date and time will be announced.


This is a timely project with a team of professionals (MUAs, Hair Stylist, and more) for the successful execution of this project.

I am looking for the right clients.

Male or Female.

Open minded and Positive minded.

One with motion discipline for the perfect execution.

One the is goofy and playful.

This is a fun opportunity for everyone and a great addition to all involved portfolios.

To lock in your spot early, email me ( with the following details:


Subject: FULL NAME - Throw Paint At You



  • A little about you
  •  portfolio if you have one. If you don't, attach recent (within the past 30 days) images of yourself
  •  age
  •  location
  •  experience. This can include images you have already done.



Price is subject to increase so book early.